Location: Devon (bar Torbay and Plymouth)

About: Time for Life (TfL) is a targeted and time-limited, personally tailored, goal oriented community enabling service for people aged 65 and over. It is aimed at tackling social isolation and consequent exclusion which frequently follow events in later life, such as bereavement, illness or a disability.

The service is available to people who meet eligibility criteria under Fair Access to Care criteria and is delivered across all of Devon (except Torbay and Plymouth) by four consortium members – Westbank, Age UK Devon, Upstream and Age UK Exeter. It is funded by Devon County Council.

Referrals are made into the service from Care Direct (Devon County Council) and on referral a personalised assessment is undertaken by a TfL Enabler who works with the older person to determine their aims and how the TfL enabling service can help them to:

  • re-engage in activities which are personally meaningful and enjoyable
  • develop the tools, knowledge and experience to confidently engage in and self-determine their personal and social activities in the future
  • re-engage in the wider community

The Enabler helps support the participant by using coaching techniques and where necessary accompanying them to any activity they wish to attend, e.g. social groups, activity groups such as art and craft, writing, exercise classes/walking groups etc.

Client outcomes are regularly measured using a self-reported outcomes tool developed for the service which measures:

  • Health and wellbeing
  • Quality of Life
  • Making a positive contribution within the community; Exercising choice and control; Economic wellbeing
  • Experiencing personal dignity; and
  • the ability for carers to continue their caring responsibilities

Measures are taken at baseline and after closure and six months after discharge. Clients report significant improvement against all measures with particular improvement in quality of life and making a contribution.

Participant Quotes: It’s all thanks to you; you gave me the confidence to do this. I got on the bus to Axminster yesterday, walked around and down to the station – I’d not done that before. It has made such a difference, having you be with me it has really helped – thank you so much.

Who: Gloucestershire Rural Community Council, Gloucestershire County Council, NHS Gloucestershire and NHS Gloucestershire CCG

Address: Time for Life Project
Devon County Council
County Hall
Topsham Road

Tel:  0845 155 1015

Web: http://www.timeforlife.org.uk