Location: Halton

About: Halton Community Wellbeing Practices (CWP) is a unique health initiative, commissioned by Halton Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), and delivered by Wellbeing Enterprises CIC. The service supports 17 GP practices in Halton to integrate with wider community-based provision.

The CWP initiative is supported by a team of Community Wellbeing Officers, who provide one-to-one sessions to guide patients through a structured ‘Wellbeing Review’, which identifies social issues that may be causing or exacerbating physical health problems – e.g. isolation, unemployment or housing problems. Patients are then helped to develop an individualised action plan to overcome challenges, by identifying personal strengths and wider sources of support in the community. In addition to Wellbeing Reviews the programme offers:

  • A comprehensive social prescribing programme, including opportunities for patients to access interest groups, life skills courses, psycho-educational training and self-help groups
  • Asset based community projects, working with individuals and clinicians to co-design and co-produce new opportunities for social connections in the community, e.g. Tango Dancing on Prescription, community garden makeovers and volunteering opportunities
  • Community wellbeing and resilience programmes such as ‘Ignite your Life!’, ‘WOW!’ and ‘Music and Memories’, which provide opportunities to bring together ‘at risk’ members of the community to work with others to learn skills and form new connections

The CWP initiative also offers patients who are unable to attend their GP practice or other community venue, a home visiting service, which can link them to support to stay connected at home. Wellbeing Enterprises have collaborated with over 120 partner organisations in the borough to offer additional support to patients.

Wellbeing Enterprises have also established Wellbeing Review clinics with secondary care providers, and are working in partnership with others to provide patients leaving secondary care (e.g. Hospitals and Mental Health providers) with wellbeing and social support. Clinicians in Halton reported that one of the most frequent issues to emerge from their consultations with patients is loneliness and isolation, and they value having a complementary service into which they can directly refer patients, using their practices clinical software.

Approximately 4,000 interventions are delivered each year through CWP. Outcomes data from the CWP initiative shows that:

  • 64 per cent of participants improved their subjective wellbeing levels after an intervention
  • 55 per cent of participants reported a reduction in depression symptoms after an intervention

Participant Quote:

“I firstly joined the Wellbeing Choir, and then after the six week course finished I became a committee member to help sustain the group to carry on running in the longer term – this was such an uplifting and rewarding experience!”

Who: Halton CCG and Wellbeing Enterprises CIC

Address: Wellbeing Enterprises CIC
Bridgewater House
Old Coach Road
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Tel: 01928 589799

Web:  www.wellbeingenterprises.org.uk